E-Signature Solution for BANK

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Electronic Signature

Enable customers to securely e-sign document at any time on any device, while meeting compliance.

Automate your high volume, customer transactions and signing workflows from start to finish


Add 25 years of best-in-class e‑signature capabilities for the most seamless and secure, e‑signing experience


Create a unique customer experience by white-labelling the solution and customizing the workflows and UI for your brand


Protect your users, documents and data with a service that meets the most rigorous security and privacy standards


Strengthen your compliance and deter legal disputes with the most advanced audit trails, while meeting global e-sign laws


Extend e-signatures across your enterprise – both locally and abroad – with the most scalable and globally available platform in the market


Ensure rapid development, testing and deployment with our open API and fully supported SDKs

How it Works

Eliminate all manual processing and related errors and costs by integrating electronic signatures with your front- and back-end systems and enforcing business rules

Easy to use

For Users

Provide customers with the most seamless e-signing experience, while keeping the spotlight on your brand

OneSpan Sign is optimized for desktop and mobile signing right ’out of the box’, and enables you to quickly configure the solution for your needs. You can also fully customize the workflows and UX to create a unique customer experience. That includes white-labeling at no extra charge.    

For Developers

Our powerful REST-based open API and SDKs come packed with everything you need to ensure rapid development and deployment. This includes support for common programming languages, including Java, .NET, APEX, Android and iOS, an out of the box UI, sample code, complete documentation, an active developer community, and much more.


The paper process

Customer visits branch
F2F meeting
Complete forms
Print forms to be signed
Verify physical ID
"Wet" sign forms
Photocopy final copies
Customer leaves branch
Operations QAs & scans docs
Storage in ECM

The shorter, faster digital route
Simplified Digital Employee & Customer Experience

Customer engages with bank - any channel (online, mobile, barnch, field, call center)
Complete forms (tablet or desktop)
Verify ID (digital or manual)
E-sign the e-forms
Client accesses e-signed docs (online or mobile)
Automatic processing, reporting & storage in ECM