The Future of SD-WAN. Today



” During our testing, we found latency from Cambridge to Montreal to be 45% less with Cato Cloud than with the public Internet, making Cato performance comparable to

” With Cato, latency decreased by nearly 20 percent “



” Cato Socket deployment takes no more than 30 minutes – including
unboxing. “

” Just by looking at an early screen share I could understand how to connect my sites to Cato Cloud. And working with the people at Cato was much easier: the team offered us a POC over an extended period of time. “




” They were shocked that we could dismantle MPLS, add more than twice as many locations, and save money. “

” I’m spending just 18,000 pounds per year for direct Internet access (DIA) with local SLAs. “


One Network

  • Affordable MPLS Alternative
  • that extends to all traffic

One Security

  • Zero maintenance, built-in network
  • security as a service

One Policy

  • Unified management and enforcement
  • for all locations and users - everywhere

One Network

Global SD-WAN

Global, SLA-backed backbone of Points of Presence (PoPs)
Secure Tunnels Overlay connects all resources to the backbone
MPLS Augmentation with core SD-WAN capabilities
MPLS Replacement with SLA-backed backbone
Connects Cloud Data Center and Mobile Users to the WAN

Network Optimization

Optimized WAN and Cloud Connectivity

One Security

Built-in Network Security

Enterprise grade security

  • available everywhere
  • (local secure Internet exit)

Elastic and agile

  • scale up, seamlessly updated

Cloud traffic visibility

  • accelerates defense adaptation

Appliance elimination

  • in remote locations and datacenters

One Policy

Unified Network and Security Policy

Unified policy

  • across all users, locations and access to both internal and cloud apps/data

Managed service by Cato

  • Intelligent Last-Mile Management (ILMM)